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To celebrate winning the Golden Steering Wheel award from Auto Bild, Audi is displaying this gold-chrome R8 V10 Plus at the Forum adjacent to the factory where it's built.

Of all the factories which the Volkswagen Group operates around the world, the Audi plant in Neckarsulm may not be the very largest, but it is among the most diversified. That's where Audi builds versions of the A4, A5, A6, A8 and Q7 lines. It's also been home to the R8, but now the German automaker has moved supercar production to a new facility just a few miles down the road.

The car under the sheet in is the next Audi A6, scheduled to go into production later this year at Audi's Neckarsulum plant. How do we know that? Because Audi "revealed" it among a list of products being built there this year. Audi used a black sheet to tease the A8 a year ago, so we aren't sure if Audi decided that wasn't teaser-y enough or if maybe the company just gets killer deals at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Click above to view more high-res shots of the R8 under construction

This week, Audi staged a gala event at its Neckarsulm plant to celebrate the facility's centenary. The dignitary-laden event featured a trip down memory lane in which key vehicles produced at the site over its history were displayed, each representing a particular benchmark over the 100-year history. The culmination of the event featured two new R8s being driven on stage to signify the sports car's production kickoff at Neckarsulm. To prepare the facility for this new task, €28,000,000 has

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