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Ralph Nader has written a letter to President Barack Obama, urging him to delay General Motors' IPO. According to The Detroit News, his fear is that the automaker is still the "same old arrogant GM" and that the government stands to lose a bundle on the sale of its stock.

Ralph Nader has a question for the Federal government regarding the GM bankruptcy. Actually, the perennial presidential candidate and long-time consumer advocate has a lot of questions for Senator Chris Dodd and Congressman Barney Frank, two Congressmen on the Senate and House banking committees, respectively. In a letter sent yesterday, Nader asked some broad and wide ranging questions about the government's ability to get GM to make cleaner cars, something he said is "imperative." Nader is que

YouTube serves up another cool video. Corvairs are hella cool, and they were tarred and feathered out of existence by zealots. They were no worse than other cars on the road at the time, but they were picked up as all that was wrong with motoring safety by Ralph Nader. Cars in in the late '50s when the Corvair was developed were all less safe than what we have now. 50 years of scientific study and applied engineering will do that for you. This video offers up some great scenes of a Corvair being