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Spy Shots: Are reports of the BMW CS' demise exaggerated?

The unadulterated beauty that is the BMW CS Concept cannot decide whether it wants to be built. A little more than a year ago the CS Concept was going to be the basis for a new flagship sedan. A month ago, BMW

Spy Shots: Cayman with bigger wheel arches, a mule for the S Sport?

The Cayman has two events to get ready for: the Cayman S Sport, and a facelift. A blacked-out Cayman with larger wheel arches and bolt-on fender flares was spotted recently, and it could be a tester for either car. With the rumored suspension tweaks for the Cayman S Sport, this could be making room for a serious set of rubber to take advantage of, not to mention 303 hp. Or perhaps the next Cayman will get so

What's old is new: U.S. farmer swaps tractor for mules

Above: A mule team working the field in 1910. And maybe 2010?

Spy shots: Aston Martin DBS Volante

Click the image above for a gallery of high-res shots of the Aston Matrtin DBS Volante.

Chevy Volt mules are based on old Malibu, production cars on smaller Cobalt

Every subject matter has it's own terminology and lingo and it's helpful to become familiar with it if you plan to discuss it. The auto industry is no exception. When developing a new car, automakers build vehicles for testing components called prototypes. These prototypes come in a variety of levels of completeness. Creating new components for testing takes different amounts of time depending on the component; body structures are among the longest to get a first cut that's usable. Mechanical co