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Alan Mulally, super hero: Ford CEO saves President Bush's life

Allan Mulally has already lived a very successful life, having helped save American icon Boeing, then taking over the reigns as Ford Motor Company's Chief Executive Officer. Now he has added 'the guy that saved President Bush' to the list. Mr. Mulally used his media audience at the New York Auto Show to tell a pretty great story about his recent trip to the White House.

Mulally already shaking up Ford

Even though Alan Mulally hasn't officially taken the helm at Ford yet, he is already making waves. The former Boeing CEO has taken the reigns already, acutely focused on becoming the company's new leader. In a report by The Detroit News, the details of Mulally's actions are coming to light. He is cutting through executive meeting schedules, eating

Autoblog Podcast #40

We had a big news week to cover in the Autoblog Podcast, Episode #40. Damon and I kick off the show with a debate over Ford's chances for survival after its new CEO, Alan Mulally, settles in. Somehow we manage a smooth segway into talking about GM's new 5-year / 100,000-mile warranty and what it means for the General's longstanding problem with perceived quality. Finally, we round out our 40th episode with GM's sequel to its Sequel hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle and Audi's announcement that it's goi

POLL RESULTS: Leadership isn't Ford's biggest problem

Our latest poll shows that the majority of you (51%, that's a mandate right?) believe that the CEO isn't the problem over at Ford Motor Company. However, Mr. Mulally should take heart in the fact that 30% of you believe he seems like the right fit for the job. Rounding out the pack were the 14% of you who thinks Ghosn should be cutting and slashing Fo

Is Ford robbing Boeing's boardroom?

A Reuters article released today suggests that Ford's new CEO Alan Mulally could attract a whole group of defecting executives from Boeing Co., Mulally's previous employer. Apparently Mulally is a pretty good guy to work for, being described by Reuters as a charismatic leader with a loyal following accrued over his 37-year tenure at Boeing.