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The Huffington Post has tracked down three of the participants from MTV's Pimp My Ride and one of the co-executive producers for a fascinating read that delves into the show's behind-the-scenes production. It's probably more interesting than anything that actually aired.


Despite what you may have heard, Millennials actually do like driving. An MTV study examines why Generation Y really is into cars.


Car companies worldwide have had a terrible track record creating cars that attract hip, young buyers. Despite all their best efforts to cater to the cool cats, the 18-24 demographic prefers to defy categorization.

Is Galpin Auto Sports hiring? Because rapper/actor Xzibit is broke. During his Pimp My Ride days on MTV, X was raking in the dough – in 2007, he earned $497,175 from the crazy custom car show. The very next year, after the show was canceled, he earned a decidedly un-Hollywoodesque $67,510... an income drop of nearly 86 percent. According to public records, Xzibit now owes $959,523 in delinquent taxes.

MTV's hit show, Pimp My Ride, has tried to go green already. If you recall, we brought news of the episode where California's Governator himself was a guest and Mad Mike and the crew took a classic Impala and swapped out the gas engine for a Duramax diesel. But, what do you think the team could do if the four-wheeled conveyance was human powered? How about a wheelchair? Well, now I'm sure you're interested, right? Follow past the break where you can see a short video from Darius and his friends.

Looks like MTV wants to shake things up a bit on Sunday nights. They are set to pit two customizers against each other in a new series that will join a longtime favorite in the lineup. Out-going classic "Pimp My Ride" will follow the freshman series "Trick It Out" starting at 10pm ET/PT. Check your program guide though, because the site has it listed as airing on Thursdays instead of Sundays. There's a full press release after the jump that explains what the new series has to offer, but in brief

After MTV announced last week that they were doing a special edition of Pimp My Ride in honor of Earth Day this weekend AutoblogGreen had an opportunity to talk to Ian Rowe, MTV's Vice President of Public Affairs.

General Motor's Chevy brand has teamed up with MTV to promote a night of bio-fuel awareness at the MTV Music awards on Thursday, August 31st. States general manager Ed Peper of Chevrolet, "Going green never looked so good. The 2006 MTV Video Music Awards is a great opportunity for us to showcase our Flex Fuel, E85 ethanol-compatible vehicles, as well as spread the word about Chevrolet's product portfolio that boasts nine out of 10 cars with over 30 mpg fuel economy."

West Coast Customs is out and Galpin Auto Sports is in on MTV's new season of the Xzibit-driven car makeover show Pimp My Ride. Galpin is well known for customizing all manner of Ford product for decades and has a rich history as one of the Blue Oval's most colorful dealerships. In addition to the design talents provided by Galpin's own Beau Boeckmann, the new season of Pimp My Ride will also feature a familiar face in Mad Mike, who used to work for West Coast Customs and host the show shotgun s

One lucky UCLA student who submitted his name to MTVU (that's MTV's University network) won Larry David's Prius last week, and the car keys were hand-delivered by David to the student while was in his class on Effective Methods of Social Change. The student, Erick Tarula, said he could now get rid of his gas-guzzling truck and switch to the hybrid compact car.

On MTV, anyway. West Coast Customs and MTV have decided to file for divorce, amicably ending a relationship that debuted as “Pimp My Ride” with host Xzibit in 2004.