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OK, tell me who isn't on a mileage marathon these days? We're still rocking the Audi trip, and the Peugots and the Corvette were busy in the UK with the ALD event. Meanwhile, we get a note from Toyota that their fleet has "dominated" the ALD World MPG Marathon. ToMoCo's definition of dominating is that a Yaris got the highest overall fuel economy while an Aygo got the highest mileage with a petrol engine.

This past week's MPG Marathon proved once again that, with a few technical improvements and careful driving, average vehicles can get some pretty impressive mileage figures. We saw a Chevy Captiva 1.6-litre HDi 110hp SE 308 bested its own published figures by almost 20 percent to reach 71.92 mpg. Before the race, Peugeot was saying the 308 would get upwards of 60 mpg, but didn't hype it further than that.

In this week's MPG Marathon, a Chevy Captiva with seven people on board returned 42.42 mpg. GM has helpfully done the math for us: that's 14.35 percent more than the official figure (37.2 mpg) and 15.1 kg of CO2 per person over the 334-mile route. I'll do my own math to turn that into 105.7 kg over the whole route, which comes to 197 g/km for the full car. Hopefully my math is right.