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Male members of society have long concerned themselves over the potential harm that could possibly be done by riding a two-wheeled machine. The issue first crept into the public consciousness over a decade ago as professional cyclists would torture themselves with the smallest and lightest slab of a seat as possible in an effort to gain a competitive edge, but the issue has recently come back up regarding motorcycles and scooters as well. This, despite the generally well-padded nature of most mo

According to Chipkar's research, extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field radiation produced by a motorbike's engine will not be stopped by steel or even lead, but only by specially-developed "highly-processed" materials. Without such shielding a whole array of unmentionable nether-regional organs are susceptible to cancer and other health hazards. Chipkar intends to license his patents in order to get them on the market as soon as possible, at which point we're sure every Hell's Angel and