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What are the chances that American soldiers will soon be ditching their High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles – better known as the HMMWV, Humvee or just the Hummer – for flying Skycars from Moller? Well, let's just say we're not holding our breath. Still, there's apparently at least a few people that think the Skycar would be ideal for military use.

Above: One of Paul Moller's past projects, a flying hovercraft

Remember the Skycar (pictured)? Well, its maker, Moller International, Inc., finds ethanol to be a perfect fuel for its Rotapower(R) rotary engine line. The company had tested the engine using gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and alcohol and found it ran best using ethanol. States founder Paul Moller, "It runs so clean that when we disassemble and inspect the engine after a test it is spotless inside ... virtually like new." The company recommends its rotary engines, which are being considered for