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Documentary follows a dekotora owner around.

Dekotora is the Japanese culture of semi truck customizing, and this documentary lets you take a ride with one owner who explains why he does it. The guy has over a million miles on his truck and over $40,000 invested into its lights and polished metal.

We take it for granted that women can enter just about any career they want now. But there are still countless occupations where females are underrepresented. You don't see too many women truckers, for example – particularly in a country that's still as deeply traditional as Japan. But Mitsubishi Fuso is showing just how forward thinking – and simultaneously, how traditional (pink polka dots are a bit 'on the nose') it can be with this hybrid pink truck.

With the situation still deteriorating in Japan, Daimler has announced that it is donating 50 new trucks to help out with disaster relief. The generous donation is being made to the Nippon Foundation and includes eight Mercedes-Benz Zetros trucks, four Unimogs, four G-Class SUVs and thirty Mitsubishi Fuso Canter trucks.

Fuso Duonic dual-clutch-transmission – Click above to enlarge

Daimler and its Japanese affiliate Mitsubishi Fuso have opened a new global hybrid truck development center in Kawasaki, Japan. The center will be the world wide center for developing hybrid systems for commercial vehicles. Engineering teams at various regional centers around the world will coordinate their efforts through the new center. Mr. Fumio Akikawa, who is currently Director of Powertrain Development for Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation, will head up the hybrid center. Mitsubish

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