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Starting today and continuing until September 3, the Clean Air Choice Team will be at the 2007 Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul to unveil something they're calling the "Clean Air Choice Fueling Station," handing out fuel coupons on a stick and in general promoting ethanol and biodiesel. The Path to Cleaner Air exhibit is part of the fair's Experience Exhibit and "tells the story of how Minnesota drivers became the largest users of cleaner-burning biofuels in North America, and how using these fu

Minnesota Governor Pawlenty announced last week that the state would dramatically increase (in some cases already has increased) its investment in alternative fuels. These are the highlights of the plan: the state's Metro Transit division will purchase an additional 150 hybrid buses, the state government's vehicles that run on E85 have increased by 53 percent since last year, the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport now has a 6,000 gallon E85 tank, and the fuel used by Metro Transit will c