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Hafei Saibao EV passes crash test; good news for Miles' XS500

Sometimes a tiny nugget of information with sizable implications can slip by in the truckloads of news we sift through everyday. Just yesterday, for instance, there was a small mention in the China Real News of an "high-speed Hafei Saibao electric car" passing an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) crash test. Big deal, right

Miles EV finds $15m funding for high-speed electric car

The team at Miles Automotive has just taken a big step toward making their XS500 electric sedan a reality thanks to $15 million in new funding. Los Angeles-based Angeleno Group led the latest funding round for Miles. The XS500 is a highway-speed-capable battery electric sedan that Miles is developing for production in China and sales in the U.S. and Europe. Recently, Miles has been doing a lot of re-engineeriffng of the XS500 which has led to some questions as to whether they can actually delive

Miles XS500 will be a lot more expensive than planned, maybe

In spite of all the attention that Tesla has drawn in the electric vehicle space over the last two years, few of us will ever be able to afford a Roadster or the WhiteStar. One ray of hope that many have been able to hang onto for an affordable all speed electric car was the XS500 from Miles Automotive (previously known as the Javlon). Unfortunately it starting to look like that car

Miles Automotive plugs in an all-new web site

If you're in the market for an electric vehicle and you want to check out specs and see what's available, Miles Automotive has launched an all new site. The new virtual showroom has pics and specs on their current lineup of low-speed neighborhood electric vehicles and their upcoming XS500 full-speed sedan. The XS500 will be a Chinese-built, batt