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Sometimes a tiny nugget of information with sizable implications can slip by in the truckloads of news we sift through everyday. Just yesterday, for instance, there was a small mention in the China Real News of an "high-speed Hafei Saibao electric car" passing an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) crash test. Big deal, right? Well, yes and no. A little digging helped us uncover that the test wasn't actually conducted by the IIHS but rather by the China National Quality Control & I

Miles Electric Vehicles has a new CEO. Formerly a senior executive at companies like Goldman, Sachs & Co. and Bertelsmann AG, Kevin Czinger took over the President and CEO position last Thursday. Tech Confidential says that former CEO Jeff Boyd will take over the COO spot, "where he will focus on day-to-day operations and leave business development and funding to Czinger." Miles EV founder Miles Rubin said in a statement that he was "delighted" to have Czinger on his team. We'd be delighted

In an interview by Industry Standard, Miles Automotive CEO Jeff Boyd said the all-electric X500 is "a little over a year" from release. Industry Standard asked what Boyd thought about competition from plug-in hybrids and he replied that he was not aware of any plug-in close to production. Boyd then added that, "We're a little over a year away, so we think we're maybe two or three years ahead of most plug-in hybrid vehicles." Someone should tell Boyd about the Saturn PHEV is scheduled for a relea

The team at Miles Automotive has just taken a big step toward making their XS500 electric sedan a reality thanks to $15 million in new funding. Los Angeles-based Angeleno Group led the latest funding round for Miles. The XS500 is a highway-speed-capable battery electric sedan that Miles is developing for production in China and sales in the U.S. and Europe. Recently, Miles has been doing a lot of re-engineeriffng of the XS500 which has led to some questions as to whether they can actually delive

I was browsing through the website for AllGreenVehicles, Miles Electric's new EU distributer and I found a new picture of Javlon, a highly-anticipated electric car. From the text on the building in the background, it appears to be in China, the last location I caught up with this slippery electric car. The URL in the lower right, tom.com, is also a popular Chinese web portal. I don't speak Chinese, so I don't know how I would find the source of that image at tom.com. Even more frustrating, the i

According to CNET, the first prototypes of Miles Automotive's Javlon have come off the production line in China and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg got a chance to test drive one of them. CNET also reports the prototypes will come to the states in a few months, the Javlon will cost $35,000 and come out early 2009. Here is Bloomberg talking about Javlon before taking the test drive:

Miles Automotive announced that they are teaming up with the environmental web site No Gas Required on a video competition for college and university students. Based on the description on the website it appears that entrants should create a video to promote electric vehicles and how they can help the environment. Students can submit their videos to the No Gas Required site and they will put them on YouTube. The top five most-viewed videos will earn their creators $1,000 cash scholarships and a M

NPR's Elizabeth Shogren spent a morning with Miles Rubin recently, and has a report on the man and his electric machines. The result is a 5:30 minute piece that succinctly captures the current electric vehicle market and Miles Electric Vehicles' place in it. We also hear from David Cole, Chairman of the Center for Automotive Research, on the extreme difficulty inherent in getting an EV to market. Still, Rubin is positive his company can make a difference.