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Michigan's role in the biofuel industry

If you enter "Michigan" into the search box on the top right side of any AutoblogGreen page, you'll be rewarded with a long list of Mitten State stories, and many of them are focused on biofuels (If you're interested, I've saved you a few seconds by giving three results as related links below). As all of these stories show, "Michigan Plays Key Role in Growing Biofuels Industry." Hey, what a coincidence, that's also the title of a Sebastian Blanco

Michigan installs new B20, E85 pumps

Sure, the government is pouring millions into funding new ways to make biofuels that won't see consumer use for a few years, but it's also making sure that the biofuel infrastructure is being put into place today, as six new pumps (costing the U.S. DOE $43,000) in Michigan can attest to.

GM VP Tom Stephens talks ethanol; how it can help prevent wars

GM's group vice president for Global Powertrain and Quality, Tom Stephens, spoke yesterday at the US BioEnergy ethanol plant in Woodbury, Michigan. Earlier, we brought you a video of some folks from US BioEnergy on how the plant and company operate. Now, here's GM's view on how to use all that ethanol. Stephens cites the two biggies - energy independence and less CO2 released into the ai

AP: Michigan has great potential for biofuel growth

Now that we know Michigan can't be counted on to deliver the goods in football, the state will have to look elsewhere for happiness. How about biofuels? The Associated Press has an article that puts together what we've known for some time: Michigan is a state with a booming biofuel industry.

Michigan biofuel update: new laws, new biodiesel plant

Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm signed a biofuel bill into law last Friday. The law gives consumers incentives for buying ethanol by lowering the state tax on each gallon of ethanol-blended fuel by 7 cents (from 19 to 12 cents a gallon). Biodiesel received a cut (of three cents) to also bring taxes on the biofuel to 12 cents a gallon. Gas station owners can apply for grants to convert their facilitie