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The oldest and fiercest tire war is not the one waged for any motorsport victory, but the one that is still trying to win your hearts and wallets. In fact, the latter begets the former. And in a new and changing – and supposedly more caring – world, tire makers are turning to increasingly novel ways to make their tires better and get your attention. Michelin is the latest to catch our eyes with its Primacy MXM4 rubber that uses sunflower oil to help "the tire to maintain its edge in

Michelin says there are two touring-tire-buying camps. One drives BMWs and Audis and goes shopping for performance touring tires. The other group drives Camrys and Accords and is somewhat surprised to learn they'll be shopping for more expensive performance tires. The tire company hopes to capture a big slice of the second group with its new Primacy MXV4