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The Daily Telegraph reports Mercedes-Benz is considering purchainsg a stake in the Brawn GP team. The Brawn team was born out of the ashes of Honda F1 at the end of 2008 when the Japanese automaker decided to withdraw. At the time, Brawn was able to strike a deal with Mercedes for a supply of engines for 2009. Team principal Ross Brawn quickly demonstrated what his team could do by firing off a string of victories. According to the Telegraph, Mercedes actually considered buying the team as McLar

The combination of the continuing global economic recession and the in-fighting in Formula could soon cause another manufacturer to drop out of Formula One. Mercedes-Benz is considering whether to stay on F1 or follow BMW and Honda in withdrawing. Automakers are questioning the relevance and benefits of competing in F1, and the debate at Mercedes has been going on for several months although no decision has been made... yet. Perhaps if relevance is what Mercedes is looking for, they may go back