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Mazda6 mules are out there somewhere being tested right now for a planned debut in early 2012. The vehicles feature an entirely reworked suspension, an advanced six-speed automatic transmission and a multi-purpose platform that will underpin several new Mazda models. Mazda sources say that the new 6, with its advanced platform and new range of engines, should be future-proofed for upcoming emissions and safety standards for at least a decade after its launch, but Mazda's approach to engineering

Stop us if you've heard this one. A major global automaker with plans in place to increase fuel efficiency X percent by X date offers all kinds of cool diesel engines all over the world except in America. The reason? Americans don't buy diesels, they say. In this case, the automaker in question is Mazda, and the goal is to boost the fuel efficiency of its fleet of cars and trucks 30 percent by 2015.