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Mazda1 under study

Small seems to be the big new trend among automakers, and Mazda is trying to decide if it wants a piece of the potentially huge tiny-car pie.

Spy Shots: If this is it, the Mazda1 looks nothing like Kiyora concept

UPDATE: This is not a prototype for the Mazda1, it is a Chinese-market Haima subcompact based on the Mazda2. Thanks to everyone who sent in the correction

Spy Shots: New Mazda1 spotted testing in France

Mazda's smallest car has been spotted undergoing testing in France wearing very light camouflage. The Mazda1 is expected to slot in under the 2 and may have a powertrain like the one in last year's Kiyora concept. That model used a direct injected 1.3-liter four cylinder with a new, more efficient automatic transmission. The engine incorporated Mazda's intelligent start-stop system. This system uses the

Mazda set to expand range

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Mazda Kazamai concept

Paris '08 Preview: Mazda1 micro-car to debut

At October's Paris Motor Show, Mazda will be the latest manufacturer to unveil a new city car with the new 1. Based on this initial sketch, the micro sized 1 will apply the swoopy lines seen the company's recent concepts and apply them to a competitor for the VW up! and Toyota iQ. The concept version

Mazda1 city car coming to Paris Motor Show

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Mazda Taiki concept.