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Here's a short, interesting opinion piece by Matt Timion, owner and operator of GasSavers.org. He first acknowledges that since Honda's entry into the U.S. automotive market in 1971, the automaker has been "more concerned with fuel economy and emissions than any other manufacturer." As partial evidence, he points to Honda's continual offering of at least one super mileage vehicle starting with their CVCC technology moving on to the CRX HF, the Civic VX and the Insight.

Matt Timion of GasSavers.org is seeing more auto enthusiasts strive for better fuel economy, not powerful engines. He says, one by one, former racers are modifying cars for mileage. He's seeing young people as well as adults making the move. Another observation is the trend to having two vehicles: one for speed and one for economy. Testimonials from his Web site, GasSavers.org, demonstrate the trend. One even said, "I haven't gotten a speeding ticket in a long time." Some find simiarities betwee