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GM: Mascoma ethanol process works as promised in laboratory testing

Back in February, Mascoma opened its first pilot plant for the production of cellulosic ethanol. According to General Motors, which invested in Mascoma and its unique method for producing the alcohol, Mascoma's consolidated bioprocessing process has proven successful in a laboratory environment.

Mascoma pilot plant starts generating cellulosic ethanol

Mascoma Corporation's first pilot plant in Rome, New York has now begun to produce cellulosic ethanol. Mascoma is one of two cellulosic ethanol companies that got equity investments from General Motors in early 2008, the other being Coskata. The Rome plant has an annual capacity

Motor Trend's Top Ten Technologies have a decidedly green tint

Looking back on 2008, it seems that the biggest stories that shaped the automotive landscape had more to do with gas prices and economic conditions than the vehicles themselves. Regardless, there are quite a few new technologies that are just starting to make waves, and many of them are intended to reduce the world's use of petroleum and the resultant emissions. Proof positive can be seen in Motor Trend's list of the Jeremy Korzeniewski

DOE will invest $26 million in Mascoma's cellulosic ethanol plant in Michigan

During a conference call this afternoon, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm announced that the U.S. DOE will invest $26 million dollars in the state's first cellulosic ethanol production plant, being built by Mascoma in the Upper Peninsula. Granholm, speaking with a sore voice thanks to a cold, said that this is the first time that Michigan has gotten a DOE grant in partnership w

Mascoma Corporation moving to be first with switchgrass cellulosic ethanol plant

Mascoma has been working for a long time to turn the cellulosic ethanol hope into reality. Not long ago (in July), they announced a cellulosic ethanol plant in Michigan. Last January, they announced funding for a cellulosic ethanol plant in New York state. Last week, it bec