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At least something is going right in the world when there's growing demand for twin-turbo V12 engines producing 621 horsepower. So to keep up with demand, Mercedes-AMG is expanding production to a new workshop in Mannheim, Germany.

The popular German car scrapping scheme helped revive German car sales in the early part of 2009. The Germany city of Mannheim thinks that what's good for the four wheels is good for the two as well, and started a scrapping bonus plan for bicycles this past Saturday. It works like this: city residents can donate their old bikes, which must be in decent condition, to Biotopia, a group that helps disadvantaged youth and the unemployed. Biotopia refurbishes the bikes, and the donors get money if t

Mercedes-Benz is taking more positive action to reach its goal of nixing the use of petroleum by 2015. The company has announced they have expanded their Mannheim operations to increase the range of models with the iconic three-pointed star on the front of their hoods and natural gas engines underneath them. Their natural gas program, which has focused mainly on commercial vehicles since its inception in 1994, will no longer be nick-named KEN, and will now go by the acronym-less title of "Merced