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Tom and Ray of Car Talk launch Kickstarter campaign for "yoga" documentary?

Have you ever heard of the art of "Italian Yoga"? We certainly hadn't, but when we caught word that Tom and Ray Magliozzi (better known as the Car Talk brothers) were practitioners, we were intrigued. So what exactly is Italian Yoga?

NPR's Click and Clack calling it quits on Car Talk this fall

NPR announced today that Car Talk, its beloved radio call-in show, will cease recording new episodes in the fall. Brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi are retiring from the show, and while NPR will continue broadcasting "new" Car Talk

Nova's Car of the Future documentary coming this Earth Day

Take one part NOVA (the PBS show), two parts Click and Clack, and a smattering of narrator John Lithgow and open source mentality and you've got the blueprint for the upcoming "Car of the Future" show. This program will air on public television stations in the U.S. at 8 pm on Earth Day, April 22nd (a day that will also mark AutoblogGreen's 2nd birthday). The NOVA cameras follow Tom and Ray Magliozzi (why is is neve

NPR's Car Talk podcast added to iTunes Music Store

Car Talk is celebrating 20 years on NPR, and the self-effacing, often goofy show is now available in iTunes. It's exciting to "play along" and see if you come up with the same answer as brothers Tom and Ray, an now you can do that at your leisure. We have our local NPR station's schedule memorized, but sometimes it's just not possible to catch the show when it airs; throwing a tantrum won't always get you your way. The show certainly has its detractors, and some of the content can tend toward so