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Watch how to charge your car battery using a... chainsaw?

This video is neither as dangerous nor as insane as the title indicates, if only because you're only using the chainsaw's motor and not the actual chain itself. Do not take a chainsaw to your engine without first removing the chain. It would be bad.

MacGyver thinks the Mercedes-Benz Citan is the right tool for any job [w/video]

One of the neatest things to do overseas is find U.S. stars hawking foreign goods, like Kevin Costner fronting for coffee in England and Bill Murray selling whiskey in Japan. Turns out MacGyver, aka actor Richard Dean Anderson (click the image above to enlarge), wasn't to be left out of the action, having been named the "hero" to help sell the Mercedes-Benz Citan.

Garage door opener wiring is an electrician's nightmare

Perhaps we ought to subtitle this post, "Fun with extension cords and electrical tape," or "What's a building code violation?"

How to use a BMW 5 Series as a cord winder

Conventional wisdom dictates that if you set out to make a MacGyver video to post on YouTube, you must have a roll of duct tape. Or a pack of chewing gum. At the very least, a pocket knife.