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There are hearts breaking all over Italy, and the biggest one of all is that which beats in the chest of Ferrari head Luca de Montezemolo. Michael Schumacher is still under contract to The Prancing Horse as a global ambassador and consultant for their road cars. However, given the opportunity to return to a Formula One cockpit and prove a thing or ten, he appears keen on racing no matter the color of the car.

Anyone who's watched the trials and tribulations of Formula 1 over the last few years knows that Bernie Ecclestone usually keeps to himself. But if you provoke him, he'll always say exactly what he thinks -- and it's usually more than you'd hoped for. That appears to have happened yet again after Ferrari head Luca de Montezemolo told a group of journalists that he thought it might be time for Bernie to step down, give the F1 teams more money and stop holding races in far-flung places "just becau