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Two years ago, a new voluntary sticker started appearing on new vehicles up for sale on some British dealer lots. Color-coded to let buyers know the annual CO2 emissions and running costs, the stickers are meant to make clear that cleaner driving and cheaper driving are tied together. The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) recently conducted research that found that more and more dealers are using the stickers: 86 percent of dealers use the sticker (up from 74 last year) on 65 percent of sh

The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership is a British group that includes over 250 members including car-makers, parts suppliers, fuel companies, government departments and many other businesses that are related to the auto and fuel industries. They are working to develop strategies to promote both supply and demand for cleaner, more efficient vehicles. LowCVP has just launched a competition for marketers, students and people in the industry to come up with new ways to promote more efficient driving a