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Spy Shots

Ford is running the high-elevation numbers on its five-door, six-speed manual Fiesta ST in the mountains of Colorado. We're going to hope this means that all our finger-crossing has served its purpose, and the hot hatch is finally headed for U.S. showrooms. Remember, the five-door concept was teased at the Los Angeles Auto Show last year before the Euro-market three-door was unveiled in Geneva, but all Ford would say recently was no decision had been made on a version for us.

An Autoblog reader who calls himself "ScubaSteve" was in Colorado yesterday when he saw a vehicle wrapped in the telltale black camouflage of an automaker test mule. To use his words, the car was "BOOKING up Loveland Pass." The car in question, as you can see in the pretty shot above, is the Jaguar XF, which was likely undergoing high-altitude testing. Loveland Pass has an elevation of 11,990 feet.