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Loremo electric car - Click above to watch the video after the break

The first running prototype of the German Loremo has achieved its road-worthiness certificate and has hit the road in its home country. Loremo is working on three different powertrains - gas, diesel and electric - and has entered the diesel version in the Automotive X-Prize. That competition is still shaping up, so Loremo's first car to hit the road is the battery-powered variant. The first prototype went for a ride around town recently and the video is now available. You can check it out after

Loremo (pronounced lo-ray-mo which is short for Low Resistance Mobile) achieves its high level of fuel efficiency by taking current fuel-saving methods to a level almost beyond reason, especially the light weight factor. Engine options consist of either a 2-cylinder 20hp turbodiesel or a 3-cylinder 50hp turbodiesel. The former will get you to sixty miles per hour in a blistering 20 seconds, while the latter will get you there in 9. Fuel efficiency, however, is very impressive - 1.5L per 100 km (

It seems earlier musings about the possibilities of an electric version of the Loremo, the German wunder car, have been confirmed. Via the company blog comes news that the X-Prize-pursuing company plans to unleash an all-electric adaptation of their lightweight, aerodynamic automotive vision in early 2010, around the same time as the high-mpg diesel version debuts.

The Loremo sedan (LOw REsistance MObile) isn't even here yet -- it's slated for 2009 -- and already the convertible has been announced. The coupe made its debut last year at the Geneva Motor Show, and the claims were grand: 20-HP in the 2-cylinder turbodiesel LS version, 0-60 in 9 seconds, a top speed of 122-MPH, a weight of 990 pounds, a Cd of .20, and 150-computer-simulated-MPG.

We've covered aspiring German automaker Loremo several times here on ABG. Most recently they showed their prototype at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September. They are working on a super-lightweight aerodynamic car powered by a small turbodiesel engine and have submitted an entry for the Automotive X-Prize. For the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, Loremo is working on an open-top version of their car. While it's nice to see them working on other variants, hopefully they will actually get an actual produ

It certainly looks cool, but even fuel mileage in the realm of 117 mpg may not be enough to convince buyers that the nearly totally impractical configuration is worth it. Seriously, a car you have to shimmy over the fender to get into? Think of how much fun that'd be in the winter, especially if you wanted to keep your pant leg clean. Do the Limbo Rock! The concept has nice lines, looking like an update of one of those "car of the future" flights of fancy from the 1950's. Fitting right into that

Do you remember the Loremo? It was a project for a car that with sporty looks could deliver a diesel consumption of 2 liters every 100 km - that is 117 mpg. Not bad! Well, the first road-ready prototype will be introduced at the Frankfurt Motorshow in September and although some of the specifications of the car won't be the same as the production model, this model will be very close to it. The current fuel mileage figures were obtained with computer simulation, so the working prototype will real

The other day, we brought you the details (such as they are) of the Loremo, a German-engineered vehicle that - if it were to be built - would emit just 50 grams of CO2 per kilometer. That's about as clean as you can get from a fuel-burning vehicle. The fuel savings come from the ultra light weight of the vehicle, and you can read about that here.

Sure, blogs are all about getting you the freshest news and analysis as quickly as possible. But sometimes, it's worth our time to take the long view. Yesterday was one of those days on AutoblogGreen. First, we had a look way back to when cars got pretty good gas mileage and no one had ever heard of a hybrid (well, maybe Dr. Andy Frank). Then, we looked a bit into the past to find the Loremo, a German 188 mpg concept. Then, moving into the present, we had an in-depth review of the 2007 Toyota Hi

Simple, clever, fun. That's the philosophy behind the vehicle you see pictured above, the Loremo (pronounced lo-ray-mo which is short for Low Resistance Mobile). Of course, there's nothing simple about designing and building a car, but there has certainly been a large need for cleverness to meet our current standard of "fun".

We're going to count down to the new year by going back over the top five most-read posts on Autoblog during the course of 2006.