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British 'Cash For Clunkers' to get extension

We've seen this before, haven't we? Government institutes program to spur auto sales by offering car buyers a federal incentive to turn in an old car for a shiny, efficient new one, leading to sales growth, which later leads to no money in the program and the request for an extension. Our British friends across The Pond are reportedly looking to provide an extension to its version of Cash for Clunkers, which allocates £2,000 (nearly $3,200 USD) towards a new vehicle when a vehicle 10 years

FOLLOWUP: MG Rover execs reportedly strike back amidst fraud accusations

The soap opera that is unfolding in the United Kingdom regarding the death of the once-proud MG Rover automobile company continues unabated. Four former MG Rover executives who purchased the automaker from BMW back in May of 2000 for a £10 fee have responded to Lord Mandelson's decision to send the aging case to the Serious Fraud Office with a terse statement. Here's a snippet

FOLLOWUP: Serious Fraud Office reportedly called in to investigate MG Rover collapse

The saga that is the collapse of MG Rover and the subsequent four-year government probe into what went wrong has just taken another sordid and oddly-timed twist. Lord Mandelson, Secretary of State for the British Labour Party, has told the Financial Times that he was under "obligation" to pass the case to the Serious Fraud Office (is there a "Not So Serious Fraud Office?") foll

British Business Secretary says Nissan should make batteries in UK

Lord Mandelson, the British Business Secretary visited a Nissan factory in Sunderland on Friday and got to see the Qazana crossover concept which will go into production there next year. Nissan is also expected to add production of electric vehicles at the plant and get some UK government money to make that happen. In addition to building EVs, Mandelson is urging Nissan to produce lithium ion batteries in the UK as well. Nissan has a joint venture with NEC called Automotive Energy Supply Corp wh

Nissan to get UK government help for EV production

Most of the news regarding Nissan's electric vehicle efforts of late have revolved around signing agreements with governments around the world to build out public charging infrastructure. Today, British Business Secretary Lord Mandelson is visiting Nissan's Sunderland factory to announce government aid to the plant so that it can actually, you know, build electric vehicles. A memorandum of understanding between regional authority One North