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Motive has the skinny on what you should know if you need to crash -- for a few weeks, that is -- in your car. Of course, the first advice is to get a minivan or SUV with tinted windows. However, if things have come to the point where reclining seats are your bed, you probably aren't in a position to double-down on a Vanagon. Some of the tips you might have guessed: get earplugs, don't subsist on the McDonald's dollar menu, and don't bathe in fountains. Others you might not have expected: put fa

Sibling site Gadling has posted a list of the top 10 American cities to live in the event of an oil crisis. The data, complied by the website SustainLane, looked at such factors such as public transportation, 'sprawl', food sources, and even wireless access. SustainLane examined 50 cities then narrowed to the following ten: