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Meet Greenfly, a Yamaha XT500 motorcycle converted to LPG

Click above for more shots of the Greenfly LPG motorcycle

Roush propane F-150 leaves minimal carbon footprint

In some countries, LPG (liquified propane gas) is an increasingly common fuel for automobiles due to its comparatively low cost and 15-20 percent lower emissions compared to gasoline or diesel fuel. Though some are against the practice, a few governments encourage the use of LPG through lowered taxes. In America, propane for automotive use is usually limited to large fleets, where the specializ

Voller runs prototype fuel-cell on compressed natural gas

Voller Energy, a developer and manufacturer of portable fuel-cell systems, has announced that they have successfully assembled and demonstrated the operation of a complete and totally self-contained prototype fuel-cell system which can be run on compressed natural gas (CNG/LPG) or propane. Voller plans to commercialize their 1kW class auxiliary power units (APUs), which includ

Ford, GM clash over best alternative fuel

Ethanol or liquid petroleum gas (LPG)? Battle lines for alternative fuels are being drawn between automakers General Motors and Ford Motor Co. with much of the differences based on nationality.