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Here we go again, folks. Rush Limbaugh, one of the loudest opponents of electric cars in America, has once again spoken out against EVs on his radio show, this time in connection with power outages in Washington, D.C., after a hard-hitting storm swept through the nation's capitol. According to various reports, millions of homes and businesses across the States have yet to have their power restored.

Rush Limbaugh and Fox News might not like the Chevrolet Volt, but Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm will gladly go to bat for the car and for General Motors. She did just that at the Center for American Progress recently after being asked about Limbaugh's comments by Think Progress, saying:

It has long been apparent that the more successful a talk radio host is, the less relevant the facts become. Case in point is this week's apparent tirade by Rush Limbaugh against the 2011 Chevrolet Volt. No doubt the Volt's sticker price came in higher than most of us had hoped at $41,000, and Limbaugh may have had a slight point there. However, suggesting that the federal $7,500 tax credit for plug-in vehicles like the Volt and the Nissan Leaf was there as an admission that no one wants these v