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Enter the rumormill: LG Chem is winning the Volt battery contract fight

When AutoblogGreen visited Bob Lutz's house for the Vectrix electric scooter delivery this week, GM's product development chief Bob Lutz gave us some pretty candid information about the Chevy Volt's progress. Take this tidbit, when Sam asked Lutz if GM has vehicles running with both the CPI (i.e., LG Chem) and the A123/Conti packs?

Lutz: Volt Battery supply deal a "horse race," finish line moved.

In commenting on the battle royal taking place on the testing benches at GM between two contending battery suppliers, "Maximum" Bob Lutz said Tuesday it was a "horse race. An apt analogy in a sense because the two teams, Continental Automotive Systems, using cells from A123 Systems Inc., and Compact Power Inc. who are using cells developed by its parent, LG Chem seem to be neck and neck in performance. No one has stumbled as the two sprint down the final stretch to the, oh, what's that? The fini

Mercedes S400 li-ion hybrid will use Continental battery

The Mercedes-Benz S400 BlueHybrid that was announced Friday, will likely be the first production lithium ion hybrid in the world. The important milestone here is the lithium ion battery chemistry, something that Sebastian Blanco

Video: GM's Jon Laukner shows off the first Volt battery pack at EVS23

During the Electric Drive Vehicle Symposium (EVS23) held this past week in Anaheim CA, attendees got the first public glimpse at the first prototype battery pack for the Chevy Volt. GM's Jon Lauckner, VP for Global Program Management gave a presentation at the conference that Matt Kelly from NextGear captured on video. Most of the presentation was a repeat of the standard one GM executives have been giving for the past year on how much energy the world uses and how much that amount will increase