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BlueSky Chauffeurs thinks Lexus hybrids are totally acceptable

For as small a MPG bump the Lexus hybrids get compared to the non-hybrid versions, Toyota sure is able to ride them for a lot of publicity. Take a move by London's BlueSky Chauffeurs, an executive car hire company that will start cruising the city streets in LS 600h and the RX 400h hybrids. BlueSky is trying to move into the ever-more-crowded luxury/eco-friendly market, and the company's managing director, Leroy Barr, said that these vehicles play to customer's vanity. "Executives are getting yo

High-end diesel VS hybrid, Audi A8L takes on the Lexus LS600h

When Lexus decided to take on the top dogs from Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi they took a different path. While the Germans offer the choice of either big gasoline V-12s or turbo-diesel V-8s, Lexus wanted offer the best of both worlds. Thus the LS600h was born. The big LS mates a 5.0L V-8 with the latest version of Toyota's hybrid synergy drive system to produce the most expensive hybrid