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Following a bevy of recent announcements that have shed additional light on both the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Volt, we thought it'd be an ideal time to return to the Google Trends graph to see which of these breakthrough vehicles is on its way to stardom on the Internet (as if they both aren't hits already). The last time we visited this topic, the Nissan Leaf was crushing the Volt in both search volume on Google and related news articles.

If Google Trends is an accurate indicator of eventual success, the Nissan Leaf will be a smash hit. At the very least, it looks to be more popular than the Chevy Volt. The latest Google Trends results show that interest in the Leaf, as calculated by search volume and news articles, is nearly double that of the Volt. We don't have to use Google as the only indicator that interest in the Leaf is high, just take a look at the Leaf's Facebook page which lists more than 54,000 fans (something Nissan

We got a note the other day from Lyle Dennis over at GM-Volt about a poll he's running among his readers following this week's announcement of the Nissan LEAF. Lyle wanted to judge the readers preference among the two electrically-driven cars. As a site that's been dedicated to all things Volt since he launched it two years ago, the results turned out to be pretty predictable. Thus, Lyle suggested we ask our audience, since our focus is less narrow.