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Nissan delivered its first Leaf to a U.S. customer back on December 11th of 2010. By the end of last year, the Japanese automaker had reportedly handed off the keys to 19 Leaf buyers in the States. While there's been some talk of Nissan delaying deliveries of its electric hatch here in the U.S., not much has been made of what's going on over in Japan.

On December 11th, Nissan delivered its first Leaf to a buyer in the U.S., a short while before the automaker's confirmed Japanese launch date of December 20th. Well, Nissan kept its promise by dropping off ten Leafs to the Kanagawa Prefectural Government in Japan. Six of the battery-powered Nissans will see official duty, carting around some of the government's high-ranking employees. However, the four remaining Leafs will be available for rent to the general public through the prefecture's cars