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The Nissan Leaf's cold weather package consists of a temperature management system for the vehicle's lithium-ion battery pack, heated front and rear seats, steering wheel, outside mirrors and an HVAC duct to rear seating area. We know this because it was listed on Nissan's "Feature and Specs" back when the Leaf initially launched. However, that package, which is specifically designed for frigid climates, has not been available on U.S.-bound Leafs. Thankfully, this will soon change. Maybe.

Nissan's "Drive Electric Tour" kicks off October 1st. For many, this tour will provide a unique opportunity to explore the battery-powered vehicle's on-road abilities and give potential owners a chance to poke around at the inner workings of Nissan's "game-changing" electric vehicle (EV). The tour's abbreviated stops in select cities will limit drive times for the Leaf and hinder your chances of getting truly intimate with this breakthrough vehicle. But fear not, Nissan has another option in the