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Batten down the hatches.

This new footage of the USS Jackson's June shock tests gives some idea of how serious the explosions are.


Shock trials for a new warship, even a tiny LCS, are no joke.

The US Navy has released images of one of its latest littoral combat ships undergoing the first phase of shock testing.


Drones Have Failed 24 Times Since Sept. 2014

The Navy's latest problem with the littoral combat ship focuses on an unreliable mine-hunting drone system that costs nearly $900 million.


The Department of Defense has signed off on an upgrade program for both variants of its oft-maligned littoral combat ship, addressing some of the foremost criticisms of the compact ship. Outgoing Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel also upped the Navy's commitment to the LCS, ordering 20 additional ships for a total of 52, Defense One reports.