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California lawmakers will soon be on the hunt for cheaper wheels thanks to new legislation. A perk of their job was a publicly-funded ride, costing taxpayers an average of $7,300 per year per vehicle. Now, the lawmakers will have to make do with a $300 monthly transportation allowance.

It looks like the Toyota recall mess is going to keep getting messier. Today we're hearing that there might be some, let's say, inappropriate ties between the Japanese automaker and the lawmakers that have been investigating its recent round of recalls. The Associated Press reports that the group of investigators includes "a senator who was so eager to lure the Japanese automaker to his state that he tramped along through fields as its executives scouted plant sites, and a congresswoman who owes

After General Motors and Chrysler required a combined $80 billion in government assistance to keep their doors open, many speculated that Uncle Sam would want to keep a hand in the carmaking cookie jar. While it is debatable how much control (a lot) the White House and Congress have over the Detroit automakers, it certainly appears that our politicians have taken a keen interest in the nation's auto industry.

The much ballyhooed meeting between domestic auto industry leaders and U.S. lawmakers came and went today, with the net-net being that the Capitol gang has pledged to work with the manufacturers 'as partners.'