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There is a cycle in the automotive industry of enlarging cars with each and every redesign. The latest casualty is the Honda Accord, once known as a more sensible choice in the face of ever-larger sedans from the American automakers. Back in the early eighties, American companies were still building large rear-wheel drive cars while companies like Volkswagen, Honda and Toyota were just beginning to roll out their smaller front-wheel drive designs. As it became apparent that consumers in America

In the year 2000, as the IT world scrambled to fix computer problems and people bid farewell to the '90s, Ford and GM Holden - with their Falcon and Commodore, respectively - stood supreme as the dominant forces of the dominant large car market in Australia. Just seven years on and that market has shrunk from 35.9 percent to just 13.5 percent in the light of rising fuel prices which has seen a massive movement away from large family cars to medium-sized cars. The Falcon and Commodore are now fig