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BMW expands landfill-methane electrical generation at Spartanburg plant

Since 2002, BMW's assembly plant in Spartanburg, SC has been using methane captured from a nearby landfill site to fuel electrical generators. As part of the current expansion of the plant to support the addition of X3 production, BMW has invested another $12 million to expand power generation from methane. The original system of four turbines has been replaced by two larger, more eff

British supermarket chain Sainsbury's to use biomethane in its trucks

Clean Air Power has announced that one of Britain's largest supermarket chains, Sainsbury's, has signed a contract with them to expand the use of biomethane in their trucks. Back in August 2007, Sainsbury's tried Clean Air's technology for the first time and in August 2008, it began to operate one of its Mercedes-Benz Axor Euro 3 vehicles fitted with Clean Air Power's Genesis' Dual-Fuel combustion technology. The system will now be used in five additional units. The system burns biomethane mixed

London gets its first biogas fueling station

Back in August, Gasrec and Iveco announced that they would be testing street cleaning trucks running on biomethane. Of course, it's kinda tough to use a truck on a fuel that's not available, so Gasrec, the company that's pioneering the fuel, has partnered up with Veolia Environmental Services to get the gas it needs for its liquid methane and has created a refueling point for the Iveco truck. The methane gas

Prometheus Energy starts production of LNG from landfill

Back last November at the Honda FCX concept ride at Laguna Seca, Honda Alternative Fuels Marketing Manager Stephen Ellis, mentioned a company called Prometheus Energy that was producing liquefied natural gas from land fill gas. Prometheus has installed an LNG plant at the Bowerman Landfill in Orange County, California making it the world's first commercial scale project of its typ