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Land Rover has been announcing a lot of non-automotive efforts recently to offset CO2 emissions from the production and use of the cars it makes. To refresh your memory:

Land Rover's carbon offset program introduced last summer will soon get the once-over from a group of "independent" overseers. The group is officially called The Land Rover CO2 Offset Programme Board of Governance. I put independent there in quotes because this group is being organized by Land Rover, even though I have no reason to think they will be hampered in their work. So, for now, they're "independent."

I didn't give this the attention it deserved when it was announced in the middle of July, but I didn't want to miss it completely, so here's a belated note about the new CO2 offset program offered by Land Rover in the UK. The offset program was established specifically for Land Rover and will "enable the development of environmental technologies across Ford and its Premier Automotive Group", according to Ford. The program runs until the end of 2008 and should offset two million tons of CO2. The