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Las Vegas is where the rich come to play and rich wannabes come to stay poor. Therefore, almost every luxury car brand imaginable has a retail shop there, including Ferrari. That's why it was surprising to learn that Lamborghini doesn't already have its own storefront on The Strip.

If Lamborghini can have its own mobile phone, we suppose it's only fair that Ferrari get one too. Introducing Motorola's MotoRAZR Maxx V6 Ferrari Challenge. With a V6, wouldn't that make it a Dino? No matter, because it does have 'the iconic prancing horse shield on the front and "Ferrari" in the company's easily recognizable font on the back. The phone turns on with the sound of a Ferrari Formula 1 engine revving.

The Lamborghini Store has introduced their line of holiday-themed home decorations, allowing you to trim your tree with Lamborghini's ceramic globes in Murcielago's Grigio Telesto color with that famous bull and shield.