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KTM has announced that two X-Bow track cars will compete in a newly created class called "Sport Lights" in this year's FIA GT4 European Cup. The Championship will start April 20 at Silverstone, UK.

The pre-release images of the lightweight and high mileage KTM X-Bow vehicles have shown the vehicle in either the striking orange of the standard production version (see the gallery below) or the gleaming white of the limited-edition "Dallara Series." When the first production version of the X-Bow will be revealed to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in early March, it will feature yet another color scheme: pure black.

Starting with 100 "Dallara Series" X-Bow vehicles available in "gleaming white" (above) or the original orange (below) color, KTM is readying the X-Bow lightweight roadster for the public. Before these carbon fiber showstoppers will be made available for sale, KTM will display an X-Bow at an autosport show for the first time at the Autosport International Racing Car Showstarting in the UK next week.