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Kline & Company is drawing attention to a study called "Global Business Opportunities in Biodiesel fuels, 2006-2016" that the company plans to release in early 2007. Priced at $44,000 (with a $6,600 discount if you order before November 30), the study is designed to be a comprehensive assessment of the global market for biodiesel products. Prospective customers include those in feed production, manufacturing, marketing and oil.

Good thing I never got into the synthetic glycerin market. Thanks to the current boom in biodiesel production, a byproduct of making biodiesel, glycerin, is currently available in massive quantities. This means that makers of synthetic glycerin (like Dow and Solvay) have found little market for their wares and glycerin prices have dropped by about two-thirds in the past five years and are still headed down. Kline & Company (of $44,000 biodiesel report fame) is setting out to discover just wh

What is it with biodiesel and ultra-expensive market reports? I thought $12,500 for a 150-page market survey was a lot, but now Kline & Company is blowing my mind with a $44,000 market research study called "Global Business Opportunities in Biodiesel Fuels, 2006-2016" that will be published next year. Oh, and if you order your copy before the middle of August, they'll take $8,500 off the price.