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The weather wasn't cooperative for the EV drag racing faithful at the recent Bookman's Spring Thaw, but with the largest assemblage of top machines and drivers on hand ever, even a little rain and wind couldn't completely get in the way of some battery-powered racing awesomeness. With the action being postponed for one day though, the "money match-up" – a head-to-head contest between the Killacycle and Predator – could only be held once. Luckily for us, tape was rolling.

Eva Håkansson, whose ElectroCat set a record earlier this year climbing Pikes Peak, is preparing to assault the land speed record for electric motorcycles on the Bonneville Salt Flats this Wednesday with her newest creation, the KillaJoule. This two-wheeled streamliner is not only encoded with the DNA of its Killacycle forerunner, its also possesses its motors and A123 battery pack.

Having conquered all on this part of the planet and with its quarter-mile record of 7.864 seconds @ 169 mph, the Killacycle is going Kiwi hunting. Yes, the world's fastest cordless drill on wheels has been boxed up and is headed to New Zealand where it will take part in an educational tour, culminating in a drag strip showdown on January 31st. There, it will attempt to school the bat-winged funnybike of Ian Wilkins at the Rotary Nationals in Meremere. Ian's best time on "Afterburner" so far is 8

Its been a mixed year for the A123-sponsored Killacycle crew. On one hand, they've been involved with bringing an electric delivery truck to market and that's cool. On the racing hand, well, there hasn't been much to report. Although entered in the TTXGP, they were a disappointing no-show. An expected assault on a land speed record also didn't materialize. Even their racing bread and butter, the record-owning quarter-mile drag machine, had been letting them down despite (or because of) having se

The Portland International Raceway should be a little quieter for the next couple of days as the Wayland Invitational kicks off with all kinds of electric vehicles ready to do battle on the drag strip. One of the more entertaining pairings may be a duel between the world's quickest electric anything, the Killacycle, and its Mini-Me radio-controlled one-tenth scale doppelganger by Shredder-X. The two will go head to head antenna over the eighth-mile distance at the NEDRA-sponsored event and we're

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We've reported previously on the KillaCycle, a battery powered drag bike that stores energy in lithium ion cells from A123 Systems. The last time we heard from them the bike had crashed during a demonstration run back in September. This weekend the KillaCycle was back in action at the Pomona, California drag-strip. This time all went well and the bike made a clean run covering the quarter mile 7.824 seconds at 168 mph. That makes this the first time an electric bike has ever dropped into the se