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Kia has slapped a name on the production body-on-frame SUV born from the 2005 Mesa concept. Dubbed "Borrego," the truck will be offered with V6 or V8 power and have a grille that looks uncannily similar to the one on the Subaru Tribeca. Its headlights are reminiscent of the pre-facelift Chrysler Pacifica, too. We know that designs are locked in long before new vehicles are at a point where they can be shown to the public, but it's still amusing to note the similarities.

click image above for more high-res spy shots of the Kia Mesa

TheCarBlogger just published three leaked pics of what they are claiming to be the first official images of the interior in the new Kia Mesa, nee HM. And just like we were when we saw the interior on the Veracruz, we have to say we are pretty impressed. Nothing cutting edge, but definitely styled to put it in the luxury car camp. The materials might not hold up to that opinion, but they at least look good in the pics. And the admittedly faux wood gives this UV an air of luxury most people probab

TheCarBlogger just posted several photos of what we believe to be Kia's new full-size SUV. Shown originally as the Mesa KCD II Concept in Detroit in '05, this so-called "HM" vehicle is a true body-on-frame SUV. The photos show a partially-disguised vehicle with a profile that wouldn't be out of place at a GMC or Jeep dealership. And from the interior shot, Kia's definitely moving further into Cadillac and even Lexus territory. The tasteful two-tone leather and light wood look good along the dash