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Update on the Japanese 2nd cousin (twice removed) of the Tesla Roadster, the K.08

We last heard from the all-electric K.08 from Ken Okuyama Cars at the Geneva Motor Show but as the months slipped by we started to wonder whether the car was still a go. Finally, news has started to trickle in. First, we learned that Ken Okuyama Design had hired long-time Chrysler designer Michael Castiglione, who penned the Dodge Challenger Concept,

Top 20 green cars we wish we could buy today, Number 17: Ken Okuyama K.08

Ken Okuyama, formerly of General Motors, Porsche and Pininfarina, hopes to offer a vehicle known as the K.08. It's supposed to be powered by lithium ion batteries and be made from lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber. We'd expect it to be pretty pricey if it ever does go on sale and be offered initially in Japan only. Call us dreamers, but we want it in the U.S. too!

Pininfarina struggling, seeks new partners

Legendary design house Pininfarina is looking for some new partners to help stop the flow of red ink. A few high-profile projects in the past several years haven't done much to diminish the losses, apparently. As much as we loved the Glickenhaus Ferrari 612 P4/5 and 612K, a couple of gorgeous one-offs couldn't possibly be enough to keep an operation of this size afloat. Although Pin