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According to the Detroit Free Press, the Securities and Exchange Commission has accused former Delphi CEO J.T. Battenberg III of intentionally working to hide his company's financial situation from investors. On Tuesday, an SEC lawyer told the jury in Battenberg's trial that the ex-Delphi boss made the company's financial numbers look better than they were in order to secure larger bonuses. The SEC sued both Battenberg and Paul Free, the former Chief Accounting Officer for Delphi, and several ot

Presumably, the fact that "target letters" have been sent to seven ex-Delphi executives by the Securities and Exchange Commission is not a welcome sign for those on the receiving end of that particular communiqué. It's likely that the letters are a step towards civil charges being filed against the individuals for their roles in the accounting scandal that led Delphi to dramatically restate several years of earnings, with an adjustment of over $300M being made to the c

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