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John Scott aims to take the auto industry by storm, doing what the old adage tells us is a waste of time: Reinventing the wheel. More accurately, Scott has re-imagined the tire as an asymmetrical circle. If you think of a standard car tire with symmetrical sidewalls, it has a square shape when you look at it head-on, the so-called CamberTire, from Scott's Wales, Wisconsin-based company Optima Sports, has more of a trapezoid shape, with the outer sidewall having a slightly longer diameter than t

If you have even a passing interest in sportscars, you may have noticed something suspicious about your favorite speed machine's tires. Typically, manufactures build a certain amount of negative camber (tipping the top of a wheel inward) into the suspensions of their sportscars. This allows the tires' contact patches to grow larger under hard cornering, thereby giving the vehicle more grip at the same time. Grip is good, but negative camber has plenty of, well, negative side effects as well. For