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Where's Waldo Jim Press? Renault-Nissan

Jim Press left Chrysler at the end of last year, and other than taking a moment to speak up for Akio Toyoda earlier this year, Press has stayed away from the lights. Turns out he's been on the job for Renault-Jonathon Ramsey

Jim Press: Akio Toyoda only person to save Toyota from "anti-family, financially oriented pirates"

When seasoned executive Jim Press surprisingly jumped ship at Toyota to work at Cerberus-controlled Chrysler, we were half expecting the 36 year veteran of the Japanese automaker to dish some dirt on his ex-employer. After all, Press was the highest-ranking U.S.-born executive Toyota ever had, an

REPORT: Jim Press leaving Chrysler by year's end

According to The Wall Street Journal Jim Press, the Chrysler Group LLC Deputy Chief Executive and sole surviving member of pre-bailout/bankruptcy Chrysler will be resigning his post by the end of November. The WSJ quotes three anonymous people close to the plan. When reached for comment, Press only stated, "I don't think anything has been released about management changes." If true, Press's departure will leave Fiat/Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne without any former-Chr

Officially Official: Chrysler exiting bankruptcy, Fiat steps in and makes changes immediately

Fiat now owns a big chunk of Chrysler. Officially. Soon after the Supreme Court gave it the go-ahead, the sale of Chrysler to Fiat was complete. Altogether, the deal took just 42 days. With a couple of signatures and a wire transfer Wednesday morning, the sale was official. Fiat gets most of Chrysler's assets and $6.6 billion in "exit financing" from the federal government.

REPORT: Detroit execs grilled on dealer cuts by Congress, Henderson agrees to cough up closure list

When it comes to dealership closings, there is a big divide between what General Motors, Chrysler and President Obama's auto task force want and what dealers and Congress want. The bankrupt Detroit automakers say that closing dealerships will save money, streamline vehicle delivery, improve brand image, and improve the health of remaining retail stores.

BREAKING: Chrysler 'rejects' 789 dealers nationwide, works to pare network by 25% by June 9

Chrysler has just announced that it will 'reject' some 789 of its dealerships by June 9 as it works to downsize through Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring. That represents a 25% cut in its dealer networks, leaving 2,392 Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge dealers to carry on if the automaker is able to successfully emerge from bankruptcy with its new partner, Fiat.

New York: Chrysler's Jim Press arrives in Fiat 500

Jim Press arrives in Fiat 500 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Jim Press says Chrysler could be America's Benz, BMW

What American automaker best matches up with the uber-machines from the Germans? Lincoln... no, probably not. Cadillac? Getting warmer. How 'bout Chrysler, asks ChryCo. co-Prez Jim Press. After a quick review of Chrysler's current line-up, we're not really buying the comparison; but it's fun to dream, so we'll bite. The Sebring is roughly the size of the C-Class and 3 Series, but it's driving the wrong wheels to go head-to-head with BMW and Mercedes-Benz, so that would need a complete rework, to

Jim Press downplays Chrysler merger talk

The automotive world is abuzz with rumors and speculation regarding a possible Chrysler merger, and with good reason. It appears Cerberus, which owns 80.1% of Chrysler LLC, may be ready to wash its hands of the auto industry, and either General Motors, Nissan, or some other entity altogether coul

Chrysler's Jim Press talks brand strategy at WAJ this week

Chrysler has unveiled a few plans for the future and, rather than using past successes to carve the path, will adapt its course according to the changing market. While speaking at the recent Western Automotive Journalists' dinner, Chrysler President Jim Press touched on the need to generate brand identity amongst Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler. While each brand currently has a core theme, Jeep – off-road, Dodge – volume and performance, Chrysler – affordable luxury, there have been m

Chrysler execs doing house calls

If you have a Dodge Ram in the driveway and someone claiming to be Jim Press calls you asking if you're satisfied with your truck, it just might be him. Chrysler recognizes that it has a customer service problem, and the Pentastar is going to extraordinary lengths to correct it. Its top 300 executives and directors are participating in a program called "Customer First" that puts a priority on -- you guessed it -- the customer. The executives, even guys named Nardelli, Press, and LaSorda, are res

Jim Press and Chrysler clarify hybrid subsidy comments

Jim Press has found that his comments have landed him somewhere between a rock and a hard place, with his current position at Chrysler on the one hand and his former employers at Toyota on the other. In an interview with BusinessWeek, Press claimed that the Japanese government had directly subsidized the development of the Prius hybrid. Toyot

Toyota claims Jim Press lied about gov't funding Prius development

Jim Press worked for Toyota in the U.S. a total of 37 years, so the Japanese automaker was no doubt shocked when the current co-captain of Chrysler LLC dropped a bit of untruthiness about his former employer in a recent Business Week article. Press claimed that the Japanese government paid for 100% of the development of battery and hybrid system of the Prius, an advantage that U.S. automakers don't receive from their government. Today, Toyota c

Chrysler exec says all its vehicles will be hybrids

Chrysler president Jim Press saw what hybrid technology did for Toyota, and now the 37-year auto industry vet wants to repeat that success with the Pentastar brands. Press informed attendees at a seminar in New York recently that Chrysler would one day utilize hybrid power in each and every Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep. Of course, the charismatic exec had no timetable for Chrysler's full immersion into the land of hybrid hyperbole, but we would guess that kindergarteners may be ready for college by

Chrysler's Project Genesis: Trim models, consolidate dealers

Chrysler's previous consolidation strategy, dubbed "Project Alpha," was implemented in 2004 to trim and combine dealers. All told, Chrysler was able to cut its dealer network down from 4,000 to 3,600. Not nearly enough to get outlets on par with demand. So Chrysler's co-pres, Jim Press, announced today that Project Alpha is out and Project Genesis is on the way in.

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