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It's obvious that Jeep is the most valuable nameplate Cerberus managed to snag when it took the ailing Chrysler Group off of Daimler's hands last year. No matter what happens to the Chrysler and Dodge brands, it is extremely unlikely that the Jeep brand would die, considering just how well-known and recognized the iconic name is around world. CNW Marketing Research studies indicate that the public-at-large would prefer to see all of the Pentastar's products wearing the revered Jeep badge.

When you've got a name as well established as Jeep, you hardly need to sell vehicles to turn a profit. You can get the Jeep name on all sorts of consumer merchandise, from a butched-up umbrella stroller to clothes and even bedding. There are more licensed products on the way, a few even making some kind of sense to tie into the Jeep brand. You will soon be able to park your Wrangler in a garage painted top to bottom, from walls to slab, with official Jeep colors. Not near home? A Jeep-branded GP